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February 8, 2008 at 09:38 | Posted in Everything | 7 Comments
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I had one comment overnight, unexpectedly from Nailog, who said if we had a problem with him we should say it to his face rather than “snicker about it around a corner”.

Who here would be stupid enough to say it to his face – meaning say it to him on YoYo – where he is the most respected mod. Due to him being the only mod that ever does anything.

Besides, he saw it here, didn’t he?

Anyway, I found a new quote for this week, one by mrsmes again, to Nailog:

 “N-N-N-N-Nailog, *crax knuckles* deleting posts that deserve too be in the
suggestion box again are we i can understand it is a habit but then people have
too re type them up all over again even if you deleted it when it wasn’t spam at

Again, mrsmes seems return-key obsessed, like some sort of moron who still can’t use computers yet thinks they can crush microsoft, and he’s treating Nailog like he’s a child. Which is funny.

I like how mrsmes treats normal people like retards that are stupider than him. it shows just how stupid he is.

There’s no other news today guys, at least, none so far. Maybe something good will pop up later on today, I’ll post it if it does.



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  1. Dear Nailog,
    Sorry about the lateness of reply but Ive just come home from work…

    Righty dokey…first point…We are on the internet, unless mrsmes’s vision of 5d and holodecks comes to light, its unlikely that I would be able to speak to you “face to face”. Secondly, I have no control over the posts here, there is no MOD status for me. On yoyo you have mod status and the ability to modify & delete posts…that hardly makes for a fair conversation, does it?

    Nailog, I find it almost comical that you think you are important enough to be hidden from and talked about, and I challenge you to find any evidence of AKH hiding his blog from you…infact its quite the reverse, and you are now adding to the interest of this blog…

    Nailog, let me ask you a question. What is a 26 year old man (Im presuming your male) doing as a moderator on a yoyo.? I (and the readers here) would be very interested…..

    I think the fear you have about this blog, is that you have no MOD status here….you certainly cant be judge and jury here (afterall what child on yoyo is going to want to annoy a mod?)

    For the record Nailog Im not laughing at you……I dont find you funny in the least..

  2. Nailog, why havent you sorted out Nekru’s “You suck” problem yet…..? – Youve got alot of people unhappy with you…I hope everyones with me…Lets out Nailog and make Mrsmes the yoyo moderator…..

    All vote Mrsmes as mod on yoyo….

  3. Aww, you should have called it “Nekru’s suckiness problem” instead for extra hilarity!

  4. After locating the Nailog post I thought I would reply here….

    You said…
    “Tuntis doesn’t care about anything he does on YYG, so I didn’t do anything to “frighten” him.”

    I hope youre joking there, that was sarcasm…you are joking right?

    You said “Somebody has to do it. Assuming responsibility, even if you don’t want it, is part of being an adult.”

    – What would you know about responsibility, your a moderator on a childrens site,and youre 26 years old! I’ll tell you what responsibility is, having two kids a mortgage and a fulltime job…not playing team leader on a childrens site….you obviously dont have kids from making a response like that, so I cant explain real responsibility to you.

    You said “If any of you have a problem with me, please speak your piece to me, instead of snickering about it around a corner.”

    I am not. As said above, the blog has been known about for ages…I just dont like the idea of giving you the chance to abuse your position, so if we both post here, its fair on both of us……

    Nailog, I was hoping for a better conversation from you. I hope you really are 26, and not some young child with “issues” (as is common on yoyo)…Please come back and respond….

  5. Tuntis, good work btw….

    Maybe Nailog agrees with you and thinks Nekru sucks, thats why he left the messages….and for the Nailog who seems to have difficulty grasping sarcasm, that was infact sarcasm…..

    and Tuntis, welcome to the merry men….

  6. Right, Im off to bed…

    Nailog hasnt given a response, so I assume he’s going through all of tuntis’s “you suck” individually deleting them….

    I hope he comes back…..but I’ll repeat what Ive said before:

    “The way of the lamer – they ALWAYS come back”

    For those of you who are still reading, check out the classic quotes from yoyoforums….Ive dug out some real gold there.

    Peace out….

  7. “I hope he comes back…..but I’ll repeat what Ive said before:

    “The way of the lamer – they ALWAYS come back””

    Nailog is officially a lamer. XD

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