Over 500 hits in a single day

February 4, 2008 at 16:47 | Posted in Everything | 8 Comments
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That’s right, yesterday I made a post about 7000 hits and today I’m making one about 7500. 😀 Yesterday totalled at 491 hits, and we’ve had over 100 today already, so hopefully this high-hit streak wil continue and this time next week we can celebrate 10,000. XD 

Anyway, our angry consumer has told us his YoYo profile, he is Communist Russia, and from seeing Nekru’s friends list in the past, he is a good friend of Nekru. And not Dmoc.

 I don’t see why he should care if we know who he is, he hasn’t made any comments on YoYo in 120 days. I wonder if he’ll respond to my latest comment on his guestbook. 🙂

Not much has been going on on the main YoYo site, except mrsmes has once again admitted that he cannot socialize and wants help, but I don’t recommend giving him any, if fatherofsmes’ experiences are anything to go by, you’ll be wasting your time.

 Figuring that I’d got more hits in one day than Nekru had in his entire blog’s history, I thought it wouldn’t be much trouble seeing if he’d posted a repsonse to my argument there. He did, and it was lame. He failed to even attempt defending himself against most points, said american actors and “decent” in the same sentence, claimed that a description could not be an insult, failed to recognise that putting something in quotes can be a way of ridiculing it, showed difficulty in understanding one of my comments from a few days ago, and most importantly claimed my finishing argument was bullshit despite it obviously being true, claimed he was mature despite clearly proving himself wrong before, during and after he said it, and also claimed to be smarter than me. Excuse me while I die of laughter here.



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  1. I never bothered with Nekrus blog, Angry was going to make up some “propaganda” to try to drag visits to the site…and I really wasnt interested with anything he had to say…

    Well done for the 500 hit but I think Angry should be thanked for keeping the blog entertaining and bringing the readers in.

    Yes Zone51 should visit here. I thought maybe a little invite on his profile to bring him here and speak about his gaming company…he’s D&D mad so it should be great stuff.

  2. AKH, over on your previous topic…Nekru’s returned!

    Ive posted a response there, but hopefully he will start posting here…

    and just to repeat Nekru, before you post…..I was right wasnt I?

    “The way of the lamer, they always come back”

  3. Awww…Not wanting to post….come on….you know you want to….

    How about posting a link to this amazing sprite….if its as good as you think it is, we wont be able to laugh at it, will we?

    For the record, Nekru I never said you would be offended by Angry using you as an example to insult AKH…I just couldnt understand how HE could when HE claimed you were his friend….

  4. Well Im closing up for the night…I leave with a final word to Nekru….

    How does it feel that Angry defending you only served to highlight your failings further….Thanks to your “friend” Angry, he has given 500 more clicks to the site…..If he had left the topic of you alone in the first place, we would have moved on to another looser and you would be a distant memory…unfortunately due to your “friends” actions hes kept the topic alive….and judging by the amount of hits, to the delight of the readers…

    Pass my thanks on to Angry…..thats a good friend you got there.

  5. Right AKH, it looks as if we are moving topics now……Im gonna send the invite out to the yoyo guy and try to bring him over….

    In the meantime, ive got some nice little ideas in regards to a new section here…..how about qoutes of the week? An area dedicated to the most lamest of posts on the yoyoforums…..I think it would go down quite well….we could also give the posters the “right of reply” to explain their bizzare comments…..just an idea…

  6. I completely agree yeah, It would bring more visitors to the site and have a laugh 😀

  7. “how about qoutes of the week? An area dedicated to the most lamest of posts on the yoyoforums…..I think it would go down quite well….we could also give the posters the “right of reply” to explain their bizzare comments…..just an idea…”

    I agree with Makke, that is an awesome idea!

    I should add it as a page, I’ll probably do it after today’s 2 news posts. 😀

  8. I’ve added it 😀 I haven’t had time to find any quotes yet though >_>

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