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Yeah, the news is running thick and fast as always. First part is slightly unrealted to YoYo, but it is related to this blog at least, miniguy101046 [I think] has a well updated PokePlushies News blog, and since he asked nicely, I’m advertising it. it’s on the blogroll under “PokePlushie News and More” and it’s also here:


Carrying on with the theme of this blog’s news, Last night we reached 7000 hits, possibly thanks to that leftover piece of scum from my argument with Nekru, “An angry consumer”. Who isn’t afraid to give away his details even though he is for security reasons. >_>

He also seems to think we’d spam his YoYo profile if he told it to us.

 Anyway, you saw it in the title, you’ve probably worked it out, Nekru has left and so far hasn’t returned. Looks like he was officially beat after my last comment, which my angry consumer described as “manipulative”. Whatever.

On to news more centred around YoYo Now, mrsmes believes Nailog is the Microsoft hacker, meaning he obviously doesn’t read this blog anymore 😉 Anyway, he made a topic and PMed Nailog about it in his usual “angry retard” kind of way. The topic is here, and just in case it gets deleted [which it probably won’t] I’ll quote Nailog’s awesome finishing insult:

“I’m about to go berserk. Trying to be “funny” in public is all well and good. We expect that type of behavior from you. That’s why most of us ignore you.

But PMing me accusing me of doing it is over the line. You are seriously unbalanced if you think I’d waste my time trying to hack your account just so I could post a few ignorant comments.

Get off the internet and learn how to behave like a civilized human being.”

mrsmes has never been owned so well in his life. O.O GO NAILOG!

And if you look closely, you’ll see mrsmes still hasn’t noticed my “I will follow Microsoft forever” thing in his sig 😉

Finishing at his profile, it appears my “Bill Gates is God” [or whatever it is that I wrote] comments were deleted, and mrsmes has changed his description to “I will defeat Bill Gates. Nailog is framing me.” 😀



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  1. “Ill be back later to post some details on a chap who I think we should invite over here, to talk about his games, his theories on D&D and how he “can do anything in GM” (and its not Mrsmes!) he should make interesting reading…..”


    is it that zone51 guy?

  2. That’s it, I’m not listening to this bullshit anymore. I know I
    said I wouldn’t post, but I said I MIGHT post something, so I am.

    “Because I used that as an example. Nekru’s a really good friend, he really is.”

    But youre happy to use him as an example to try to insult AKH? ….Ok…..

    To tell you the truth, I take no offense or hurt from what “Angry” said.

    “Nekru’s blog doesnt get the hits, AKH does.”

    So what? I never made my blog to get a lot of hits. I’m happy with what I’ve got. And remember, I’ve only had my blog since the start of 2008, AKH has had it for more than a year.

    “Why can’t you and your stupid friends [mainly referring to Nekru there] make something completely original for once, rather than take things off the internet, edit them and claim them as your own.”

    First of all, “Angry’s” sprite took a lot of time, and is very good. It is NOT a recolour, but it is based on another picture. Secondly, everything I make is my own, with the exception of: some sprites, the RNG (as it has been done before). Don’t you try to tell me I stole my games from the internet! I’ll continue this later.

  3. I dont really know what your rabbiting on about with your talk about sprites, recolours etc and I dont really care. Thank you for adding further interest to this topic with your post, and I refer you to what I said earlier:

    “the way of the lamer, they always come back”

    How many times are you gonna say “this is my last post here”? Please, dont let us stop you coming back its just its difficult to plan who to laugh at next when we dont know if you and your friends are gonna come back…

    But please know, you and youre friends are always welcome…..especially Angry…..

    Now, incase you’ve forgotten, this is the part where you post a couple of lines of swearing and saying youre not coming back, then disappearing for a day or so…..

    AKH, we’ll hold off on the other looser for a bit…I reckon we can get a little more entertainment from this guy and his friends.

  4. Not really.

  5. /quote “not really”

    Youre still coming back though….

    “The way of the lamer, they always come back”

  6. No I was saying not really to your comment “Now, incase you’ve forgotten, this is the part where you post a couple of lines of swearing and saying youre not coming back, then disappearing for a day or so…..”

    Oh, and Father of Smes, two things:

    1. Why is your name Father of Smes?
    2. I don’t consider you an enemy, or a friend. So, I have nothing against you. I hope you have nothing against me. But if you do, please explain what and why.

  7. Answer to your Q’s:

    1. Its not difficult, just check the name in brackets next to father of smes….Ive been using this handle for a while (on yoyo)….
    To make it simple the yoyo profile is Ivor Biggun…
    Before you go down the line of where are your games…etc, Im a C++ coder not a GMlamer…I came to the yoyo site for reasons well documented here and on the forums at yoyo….(in a nutshell a yoyolamer invading an ASM/C++ Scene forum with spam and pro GM rubbish…)

    My true coding/cracking handle is secret because if any of my fellow coders realised I spent time near Gamemaker, Id have the mickey taken out of me for years (so unlike Angry, I am scared of being associated with GM)….and in anycase, when im on yoyo I use Ivor Biggun and thats what this blog is about….

    2. I had hoped you would get it….I think its finally dawned on Angry….I personally have had no dealings with you whatsoever….as I said before for reasons that you can check out on yoyo I find myself hanging around in your world (yoyogames) for a bit……This blog is entertainment….I dont care if your Bill Gates or a Ravenous Bugblatter Beast of Trall….people post here believing they are fighting some mighty cause…i.e “my games arent crap”, “i think drag and drop is cool”, “Leave ****** alone”, that sort of thing….then we wind them up, pick holes in their arguaments and make them look silly.

    Just like the point I made to Angry, do you think Jerry Springer cares for the guests he has on his show? No! He winds them up and makes them look silly to entertain the audience……

    In the coming days there will hopefully be a new lamer from yoyo coming here to talk about drag and drop, how GML is not needed and how he can create anything in D&D (as well as how his game company will take the world by storm)….it should be a good read, your more than welcome to follow it…

  8. Thank you. I’m glad you don’t hate me.

    1. Ok, now I understand.
    2. I agree with your comment, and the Jerry Springer example is a good example.

    Ok, that clears some things up. Oh, and the new episode of The Nekru Show is available on my blog, not that AKH would care.

  9. […] Posted February 5, 2008 Looks like that wasn’t his last comment here at all. he made 2 comments here, but hasn’t said anything since. He closed by mentioning a new episode of the Nekru show, and […]

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