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OK, after about collectively 13.8333 hours [I used a calculator work that out 😀 ], I have drawn, taken a photo of, and then re-drawn and coloured in Paint Shop Pro what would have probably been the final boss in Krall-Man, had I finished it:


As you can see, I added some descriptive text to save me another week or two of drawing. But nevertheless, THIS my friends is what has kept me away from the PokePlushies Click Exchange … other than BSoDs, of course. 😉

Click the image to see it’s 888×1472 full size [.png] version, which is readable. Strangely, I had to host this on WordPress, because ordinary image hosts resized and distorted it, yet WordPress preserved it perfectly. Making it a better image host than most image hosts even when it isn’t an image host.

I did a little research on alligators when I was stuck for a name, it was boring. Anyway, I came up with Reygator for a name because that kind-of means “King Alligator” in Spanish, and the Spanish invented discovered alligators.

The high-speed flying ability would have been great in Krall-Man, which was a high speed racing game, the axe would have made Reygator a great boss too. I could’ve made it like the Sonic GBA games except reversed, so you’re Eggman and your opponent [the boss] is cream. Which can own you by hitting you from the other side of the screen. 😀

Now, I’m not saying Krall-Man is a dead project, I’m just saying that I haven’t worked on it since September 26th. That was back when my posts didn’t have bold titles. XD



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  1. That picture sucks slimy horse shit. You cock sucker, go fuck your mother, so you can dream up some more shitty pictures. That’s right, I know this picture is actually a picture of your mum’s douche.


  2. I’ll copy over my no-doubt deleted insult from your crappy “Nekru Show” Post. You can dish out the dirt but you sure as hell can’t take it. 😛

    “You so stole that from the PokePlushies Pokecast.

    is it possible for you to come up with anything original in that tiny brain of yours? I thought not.

    Randomly putting swear words into your show doesn’t make it good. And I don’t think most people will listen to 30 minutes of something that opens by telling them to eat horse shit. >_>

    To conclude this, you’re neither intelligient, logical or creative, and you’re weak because you’re being bullied by some guy a year younger than you. Making you worthless.

    And next time you do something that interests so few people, make sure there’s at least one person other than that Bastard Dmoc who cares. 😉

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  4. you’re a fucktard

  5. “you’re a fucktard”

    well, now that we’re being childish,


  6. No, that’s childish.

  7. They’re both childish actually. That was the point, you fucking idiot.

  8. Now you’re being a fucking hypocrite, dumbass

  9. No, you moron, I was making a point that you were being childish.

    You don’t get it, do you? I was impersonating the way you were acting [that way being childish].

  10. […] Reygator, from this post. it’s a bigger image than usual, 10 pixels higher than a Dinomon, and it fills the image more, […]

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