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Smessy has good taste in music

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The song I linked:


Also, theHappyMunich was born upon me finding munich.com available as a domain for a new email address from mail.com. On this account you can see some old spamming I did ~3 years ago (that’s where YoYo dates it). I think it was a “virus” made in VBScript that I transferred to people through a YoYo game so that it was put on your PC and ran, spamming your profile if you were logged in to YoYo with IE (and I used theHappyMunich to test this).



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“The black arms have risen” and other such funny puns.

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The Effect of Uprising on General Welfare

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Let’s replace professionalism with basic logic here, since I have only the latter to support my claims.

My starting thesis is this:  if a communist revolution were to succeed at the current time in the United States of America, as in, if in one year the entire process of the fall of capitalism and the rise of communism played out in full, for the first year (the rest is unpredictable) each and every person in the country would have, at max, a salary of $46,791.97. And by the way, the communist system would have to be truly communist, not some faux-communism where a dictator is placed in power with a state run system over the governance of wealth.

$46,791.97 is a number generated by dividing the GDP of the United States ($14.58 trillion)by its population figure (311,591,917 people). We take the average profits made in the country and divide it by its total residency,

14.58 trillion / 311,591,917,

showing that the number produced would be what everyone would equally earn. This is, of course, a crude version of something that could be much better, but it is a good guess (since we don’t have anyone producing numbers).

This amount of money is, I kid you not, about the same amount as the median income in America in 2004:  $44,389. This means that the amount of money each person would get would be the same amount of money the average lower middle class person earns today (with the average being between $35,000 and $75,000).

This shows us a correlation that we can decipher quite easily:  any sort of revolution that proposes an “equal redistribution of wealth” would grant it if it were perfectly run and played out to its end, at least, in the U.S.

However we can see that this is a short-sighted aim, for one year of life is barely anything; what happens after that? What would happen if the U.S. were to undergo a successful communist revolution? Though quite unpredictable economically, some things that we know will happen can be listed:

1) Capital redistribution will make the economy less efficient, as in, the production process will be hurt, since cheap goods will remain cheap (see 3);

2) Money redistribution will ultimately be helped along through the old banking system, which means that a balancing of all accounts will probably be screwed up- just look at how they handle foreclosures; after this, I presume there would be no need for money, but there still has to be some sort of system that regulates how much of something you can get, so the monetary concept of credit still exists here;

3) Profits will no longer exist and a lot of business will go out of business, not because they aren’t making any money anymore (they don’t need to), but because some businesses necessarily must grow (I have in mind businesses that produce cheap goods), and this type of system is incompatible with such growth;

4) Let’s say that U.S. communism has a huge effect on the world; what happens is that a worldwide communist revolution takes place, and a global communist order is set up (this has to happen with any economy, it is a natural tendency); after this the average amount you earn becomes less and less, since each country has a different population rate and GDP;

5) Many other minor factors, including things like rebellions (don’t forget, your bourgeois buddies are, or were, revolutionaries too)

You may have noticed the trend in these problems that I have brought up. Over time, the economy will not grow and people will not get more than that average paycheck; instead, it will continue to decrease. The factors laid out above would reduce the cap of the yearly paycheck, at this time and date, to this:


That’s hardly enough to survive with every year. That figure was generated with the world GDP figure being divided by the world population figure of 2010, so that’s a higher figure than it should be.

What these figures tell us are that a communist revolution is not historically ready.

Why am I even talking about the historicity of a communist revolution anyways? Don’t I hate communism as much as I hate capitalism? Well, of course. But regardless of whether or not I hate economy in general, I must be, in the Hegelian sense of the term, historical, and point to each movement of the historical spirit.

My point for this post is to reveal that the worldwide communist revolution will not come about anytime soon. Until the world is dominated by capitalism in a “global capitalist” system, a communist revolution will not be practical, and thus, will not be possible, will be unheard of. “Global capitalism” will change all of the countries with huge populations and low GDP into countries with a balance between the two, and when balance has been reached in these areas, then the communist revolution will be ready. But it won’t happen, which I will explain at a later date.


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